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Sicilian born from Polish painter mother and Italian father.

In love with art, excesses and beauty of these countries which inspired my work as print designer and artist.

Studied in Art School and finished my MA in Design and Management for Fashion in Milan and moved to London in 2004.

​Since then I experience working as print designer for fashion luxury labels and print studios based in Milan, London and Paris.

My prints have been used in numerous collection around the world.


Painting has been part of my life since the beginning. Art and Street Art have became a way to experiment and refresh my way to see colour and shape.

Commissions and private work for Fashion Prints and Art are welcome as questions about my work.


Please feel free to write to me at GIUSI.TOMASELLO@GMAIL.COM I will be happy to help :) 


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Happy to answer to all enquiries regarding my Fashion Prints, Art, Commissions, Collaboration or anything you can think of! 

Thank you

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